Each bar represents 10 years or more

Programming Languages

  • Javascript (+8 years)
    Includes technologies such as JQuery, ECMAScript 6, WebGL, Node.js and Backbone. Also good experience with React and React Native
  • Actionscript (+7 years)
    Includes Flex and RTMP protocol communication
  • Python (+5 years)
    Includes frameworks such as Django and developing apps. Also used for Cron System Scripts and Web Scrappers
  • PHP (+3 years)
    Includes frameworks such as Drupal and Wordpress, also developing modules and extending them
  • C Sharp (+3 years)


  • Adobe Flash (+7 years)
    Not restricted to programming Adobe Flash was also a great tool for animation
  • Adobe Photoshop (+6 years)
    Normally used for Web Design and Photo manipulation
  • Adobe Illustrator (+5 years)
  • 3d (+2 years)
    Including software such as ZBrush, Blender and Maya

Other Skills

  • Creativity (+10 years)
    Let's go beyond the limits of the imagination, shall we? ;)
  • Leadership (+5 years)
    5 years in front of a wonderful team of >10 people building awesome events

about me

nullius in verba

Creative, Developer & Entrepreneur

I am passionate about Technology, Science and Sci-Fi since I can remember. I would define myself as a curious mind, always tinkering and trying to reach the limits of the technology I currently have in front of me. I enjoy working on dynamic projects, with state of the art UI / UX and cutting edge technologies.

Former Founder

  • Barcelona Developers Conference
  • Barcelona BITS (Barcelona International Technology Show)



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