BcnDevCon 2012 - Videogame Design

September 30, 2012 ยท 2 min read

about the project

From the very first edition of Barcelona Developers Conference I had clear in mind that I would try to add solidarity in it if I could.

The first edition was a success and the event was growing, so for the second edition, we added a video game to try to collect money for cancer research.

Since I had no much time to develop it myself I searched for help, and then is where I found the awesome guys at No2 who implemented the video game based on my designs using their cross-platform framework for Android and iOS in exchanged for promotion.

As always, every element in the conference was themed according to the current edition, and this video game was no exception. For 2012 the theme of the conference was the Mayans and the end of the world (technically their calendar indicated an end of an era rather the end of the world).

The video game was a logbook based on the second voyage from Cristobal Colon to America and each puzzle was based on the symbols we could have found meeting the native civilisations there.

Each page was a puzzle and it containing up to 7 puzzles to be solved in the less amount of time the player could.

The puzzles were the following

  1. Chaos & Order: Inspired by Tower of Hanoi , the player had to move the cylinders from the first tower to the third, using the second one to pivot. The cylinders must always be sorted by the biggest to the smallest from bottom to top.
  2. The Answer is Above: The player had to connect the dots of a certain constellation
  3. I'm Puzzled: The player had to place the gears of an Astrolabe in the correct position.
  4. The Opening: Tower of Hanoi (modified), there was no restriction on the order of the pieces, but the player had to place them in a specific order.
  5. Mind Master: Inspired by Mastermind the player had to guess the correct combination of the Mayan symbols, but it would only have a limited number of chances.
  6. Substintuition: The player had to decipher an ancient text message replacing the symbols with letters.
  7. Note the Answer: Inspired by Simon , the player had to remember and touch an increasing number of symbols in the correct order.

As mentioned at the beginning I designed the video game and the puzzles but in this case, the whole implementation and distribution were done by No2 using their Shinobit engine previously known as Strawberry

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