BcnDevCon 2013 - Design

July 6, 2013 ยท 1 min read

about the project

Barcelona Developers Conference 2013 was even a bigger challenge than the previous editions.

After two successful editions, we were expanding, we found a bigger venue and we joined forces with Retrobarcelona. This third edition would not only be about conferences and workshops but also about retro videogames.

There was a lot of work to be done and I couldn't spend much time on the website development but managing all the resources we needed. So I reached for some help, someone who could develop a platform for us in exchange for a sponsorship. I focused on the design and giving some specs of what we needed and then I continued with the event production.

We didn't want to be a yearly event anymore, but a digital meeting point for technology and development. The website had to reflect simplicity but also reusability.

The new design was divided into two areas following the same style guidelines:

  • BcnDevCon Network: When a user registered to the platform it was not only for the event but a community. A place they could look for a job or post offers. We didn't have time to develop this section completely.
  • BcnDevCon Event: This area would change slightly with every edition, and would include call 4 papers and voting, workshops, sponsorships, hackathons, etc.

Although I didn't have time to participate in the development of the website I did include a little innovation: The Virtual Venue

Since we had a venue space we needed to fill it to the top, so I created a virtual representation of the available space and divided it in square meters allowing little business to promote their services and products.

As the tradition goes... A new edition a new theme. Barcelona Developers Conference 2013 was themed upon the TV Series lost, and the motto of the conference was 'The Initiative'.

We were looking for developers who would like to join our initiative, and make this event bigger and better. Sharing their knowledge and expanding our platform.

The header of the event was also dynamic and as you can see in the image, is an Island with the Barcelona skyline and from time to time you can see the palm trees shaking adding some suspense (And of course a polar bear).

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  • Adobe Photoshop (+6 years)
    Normally used for Web Design and Photo manipulation
  • Adobe Illustrator (+5 years)